This is a sober retrospect written three months later with only about one pints enthusiasm and inspiration. The weather was ideal, grey and dull and a bit wet, just like Calder.

In the warm up events to get the adrenalin going it turned out as may be expected that Mr Alisdair Campbell BSc(Hons) Ceng Mice is the club champion in putting and crazy golf. Despite various ploys by other spoilsports including Northumbrian saboteurs.

Wobbly legs after that last 1½ miles of horrible hard black stuff were cured by quaffing refreshments (though not cheesecake despite a certain young lady’s promise) in Duncan’s Bar.

What happened to Mckay? The cry echoed round the hills. Och aye Mckay! Hoots! Shoogle ma sporran! I suppose only the real men could face a race like this:

37 Dave Calder 1.31.37

47 Alisdair Campbell 1.35.10

49 Gavin Struther 1.37.06

59 Ian Munro 1.41.05

75 Ian Struthers 1.54.43

87 finishers

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