An announcement at the AGM

Left us full of intrigue

Andrew told us of his creation

A virtual Winter League

But I had an injured knee

And not so very fit

Oh what the heck, what’s to lose

So lets just go for it

In the midst of a nasty lockdown

What else was there to do

So lets peruse wee Andrew’s rules

Written for the chosen few

Gregor Paul then Romy

All took an early lead

But they didn’t bank on my Quad Bike

My true and trusty steed

We all went up the Campsies

For double points to bag

But I ran Dumbreck so many times

Their lead began to lag

I began to think that for the 6th time

The Plophy could be my possession

From that moment on the Winter League

Became my main obsession

I’d keep a tab on others runs

In this winter race

And if it looked like they’d catch up

I’d increase the pace

I’d start early morning

Normally in the dark

I’d precede a Campsie jaunt

With a run round Springburn Park

If I felt I’d done too much

And was about to crock

I’d step it back with a time trial

At the 27th Lock

December was finally over

And I thought come on John

You could actually win this

You’ve completed MARCOTHON

But then the Gaffer changed the rules

A flush rose in my cheeks

I now had to run every day

For another long 5 weeks

So I had a look at the leader board

And felt a little scared

Right behind me 2 elites

Elspeth Berry and Romy Beard

I had to keep it going

The outcome , no-one could say

But I would run my heart out

Often 3 times a day

I know I didn’t do the Campsie’s round

I didn’t have the tools

But in my own way I gathered points

And stayed within the rules

I was now lighter, faster, stronger

And still getting harried

But I remained in the game

More importantly, still married

I did it in bite size pieces

It was hard, it was no joke.

But I remained uninjured

While others bodies broke

Towards the end of January

I dared to believe

That the famous winter league Plophy

I may finally retrieve

At 7pm on Feb the 1st

It was then announced

That the competition was over

My competitors I had trounced

I had overcome some super athletes

Some of them the best

I was now looking forward

To a few days of rest

So on a more serious note

Of my club I am so proud

Andrew’s league was a triumph

We should shout it loud and proud


The Best Small to Medium Size Running Club in the West End of Glasgow


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