30th June 2012

Dollar was my next planned outing after the drenching at Durisdeer, and the weather in Glasgow was not too bad with a fresh westerly breeze. I had high hopes of a nice afternoon on the Ochils. Driving over I had my doubts as a sheet of rain was travelling along the face of the hills, however this blew over leaving a reasonably decent afternoon for the race.

Three fellow Westies were entered, Brian Brennan, John Donnelly and Sarah Adam. All three of them told tales of races or runs during the previous week in horrendous rain, but sun was blazing(ish) on the righteous few on Saturday, mostly.

I positioned myself in the usual middle of the pack for the off and once though the gate in the wall, managed to pass a good few people on the tarmac before getting to the path through the woods.

Then once out on the hill settled in behind Steven Couper for the climb up Saddle Hill, I felt quite strong on the up and decided to press on past him to the top of Whitewisp.

From there on I kept a steady pace, running along the top of the Ochils, my main highlight was a clean hurdle of the first fence after Whitewisp without face planting on the other side, probably only managed this because the top wire was missing.

Felt I was going well, until Stevie passed me going up to Kings Seat, later he admitted using me to pace him around. From there on it was glorious fun descending back down to the path, swapping places with a couple of Carnethy runners, Neil Gilmore, Gordon Canson and trying to catch Laurie Anderson of Lomond Hill Runners.

This was the first time I had done this race, and I really enjoyed it, thanks to Ochil Hill Runners for organising it.

Managed home in 37th place, first Westie, which was great as it was my first outing in a yellow vest, Sarah was 62nd, John was 65th and Brian 72nd.

Kenny Richmond won the race and Sarah O’Neil was first female, a total field of 105.

Duncan Riddell

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