Another fine and fun afternoon at the cross country relays in Posties Park on Saturday. It was perfect weather – quite warm actually and the conditions were surprisingly ‘unmuddy’ given how much rain there had been before the race.

We knew we had 3 good teams organised (thanks to Chris as always) and were gathering in the Westies gazebo – complete with seating this week thanks to John, when Hamilton and his friends arrived and quickly decided to enter another team. What followed was a brain and planning teaser – who would run and where – after much hilarity and confusion we got organised and Westies C was born. Well done to the guys who gave it everything in all the teams entered.

This course was pretty flat and fast. Ellie went off for us girls at full tilt, keeping well in the front of the whole pack – men and women – with a great time. This placed us well and Sarah followed with another fast lap safely holding our placing. I gave it my best shot, probably going off a little quick and feeling it in the middle section but felt I hit a good pace when it was all over rather quickly – thankfully held our place though and passed a young male GU runner in the last 400m – poor soul. His team mates were not impressed with him at all and were giving him the full ‘encouragement’ about being passed by an old bird!! Felt good, life in the old legs yet. Never underestimate the Westies Wummin under fire.

Thanks for another enjoyable event and well done to all those who went on to run on Sunday at ROTM too – top results and well done Chris for your enthusiasm, organisation and committment to the Club.

Here’s to Cumbernauld – come on the Westies Wummin!!

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