It was one of those occasions that come along so rarely that they cannot help but be special.  Start with a classic run up Dumgoyne to Earl’s Seat and back, add in a terrestrial and celestial alignment of crisp, clear weather and a moon as near full as to be perfect, and you have yourself an absolute running treat.  The significance of the evening did not escape notice, and sixteen old and new members turned out in the cool evening air at the Glengoyne Distillery.  The run started with a trudge up Dumgoyne into the full glare of the moon, which sat directly over the top of the hill.  From there, a reckless plummet down the back of the hill, and on to the undulating path along the ridge to the highest point in the Campsies, Earl’s Seat.  Puddles had turned to ice.  Patches if icy snow dressed the tussock.  Slips and trips abounded, thinner sheets of ice shattered, immersing boots in freezing pools.  We ran, regrouped, admired the stars, the moon, the shimmering city lights.  Then ran on.  Head torches were not needed for most of the route, and many were brought without being used at all.

All in all, a truly magical evening.  Superb!

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