9th September 2012

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I had never been to Millport before so I entered this race as a good excuse to make the short ferry journey to Great Cumbrae and its charming wee seaside toon. Overcast but warm (muggy) day, with the expected headwind/gale from miles 6 to 9 worsening all the way. 3.5 Westies ran – Chris, Rhona, me, and David Dickson was in Garscube colours since this isn’t a hill race.

Rhona was well chuffed to come in around 90 mins (ahead of prediction). Chris took off in the leading group chasing the Inverclyde and Kilbarchan guys who would take the top slots, and must’ve finished around 5th (under the hour again? – great run anyway). David was also off to a swift start and crossed the line well ahead of me, having slowed only slightly at the water stations.

I was happy to clock 1.05.50 for my first sortie to the island. Quirky race – I dropped places as I fought with my lunch from miles 2 to 5, losing at least a minute during ‘the burpy miles’ and squandering the favourable breeze to record my slowest miles of the race. Made up all lost places and even ran faster into the headwind on the way home. No harm done, no bagels expelled, and an easy target to beat next time. (Note to self – eat less, and allow more time before the race in future.)

Interestingly, the island seems to have shrunk over the years, from 10.5 miles in 1983 to 10.25 at an unknown subsequent point, to today’s 10-mile circuit.

Thanks to our 3.5 supporters – Malcolm, Cheryl, Ellie and Benjamin (3 and one-eighteenth?).

Final thoughts on my first visit to Great Cumbrae? Better than Shit Cumbrae but not as good as F**king Magic Cumbrae.

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