Nursing a strained ankle over the past week I had taken it easy, had a nice flat Saturday road run and was planning a Sunday venture around Mugdock when I got a call from a friend to say the postponed Buchlyvie 10k had been rescheduled to Sunday and was I running. Why not – it’ll do me good as training and it’s a flat course to aid the ankle recovery.

It was a surprise to spot Ellie, Chris and Benjamin in the car park. Ellie was taking the entry from a friend who couldn’t make it and after some chatting in the Village hall we set off to warm up. As Ellie is in such good form I did mention that she could win this race…….

Off we went, 1 k on the road then 4 k on the disused railway line to the turn point and the same in reverse. It’s not an intersting route but it is very peaceful and quiet and as it was a small field there was lots of space around to enjoy.

When the leaders came towards us I tried but lost count of the number of men but very quickly Ellie appeared – I gave shout and she looked pretty strong at that point. I didn’t count the other girls passing but as another friend towards the back crossed with me she shouted that I was maybe 4th – WHAT!! Oh my dreams of a top ten finish….maybe even top five….

I had been taking it reasonably easy up to this point but the thought of losing my position spurred me to look for the next gear (still looking.)

Anyway I could see a wummin ahead – just chase her down – sounds simple. I tried and got to within 30m by 9.5k then out of nowhere a (very young) couple came charging past everyone including me. A place gone and there was no way I could pace them so tried again to catch the lady in sight, with 200m to go was down to 10 /15 m but the finish was there too soon and the old legs just wouldn’t go any faster.

Ellie was 1st woman though!! Great result. Overall 11th place in a time of 40.41 and she got a nice picture as her prize. Brilliant racing.

I was 5th woman and second over 40F in 47.57 to be 47th overall.

It was a nice wee race, very civilised and friendly and I may make it a mission to seek out other less populated / popular races to boost my results from now on……

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