Westie of the Year

Last weekend saw the Westies Christmas Night out take place in Roasit Bubbly Jocks. Once again Fiona did a great job of organising the event. As well as the customary food and alcohol the evening is a platform for speeches from the Captain and Captainess to round off the year and a chance to hand out thank you recognition to those who keep Westies running like a well oiled machine. Niall for his excellent coaching on Monday evening reps and Helen the club treasurer for making sure we all pay up when we need to. For those who don’t know this evening is also used to hand on the Westie of the year cup. 2013 saw Gregor as holder of the title for all his great effort at the front of the pack at races. The present cup has names on it going back to 1990 and there are some great names on the base of the cup. Reading through them is a wee dip into Westies history. This year I was lucky enought to be named as Westie of the Year and I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to those who voted for me, it is a real honour. I’ve only been a Westie for three years and prior to this my background was road running and after much persuading from Gibby (thank you Gibby) I finally took the plunge and joined Westies. I know I wanted to move from road running, I much preferred cross country and trail running I just didn’t know if I would make it on the hills. Not only have I managed to survive on the hills during club runs and races I’ve made some great friends and I need to say a special thank you to Pat McLaughlin for all her patience and question answering…Pat is a legend and has passed on so much knowledge to me…thank you. So to another great year for Westies in 2015…..Go Westies!

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