Apparently, in 1868 Queen Victoria was climbing Mount Pilatus in cental Switzerland believed to be frequented by flame-breathing dragons. A lake near the summit was thought to contain the body of Pontius Pilate,and every Good Friday its tormented spirit would float to the surface in an attempt to wash its hands of the blood of Jesus.Locals were forbidden to venture on the mountain, for fear that they may unleash some horrendous evil.

Clearly you just would not sleep tonight without this knowledge. This nugget from the paper as i take the cream tea in The Winter Garden surroundings of Crieff Hydro.But lest you think this may be in danger of yielding some racing information well……..

Naturally made the trip to Aberfeldy to see me old mate Boy (Wonder) Brennan. The local boy, lad, was sure to be there to pick up all the glory from a hill race with a total of 3 runners. Well, it did get slightly more, perhaps a dozen. So this was it – Semple was going flat out at this one. Flat out ? Almost taken out before we even left the arena on our first lap – by a certain female athlete. But we won’t dwell on that – not one to complain. Well now that you mention it……did I tell you about that utterly crap bed at the Hotel last week, it was…….

So at least making it safely out of Wade’s field (yes apparently this was a new site just over the Wade’s Bridge ) and no boy wonder in sight. Look let’s be clear about this he’s hardly a boy, in fact he tells us he’s of pensionable age. Some story about doing a History Degree now. No, i reckon he’s going to be doing Medicine. All those daughters that are G.P.’s -he’ll be one too. Are there no limits to this man’s talents?

Anyway, tough little race (are’nt they all), more of a trail race really, up thro’ the forest, then barrel down the gravel winding long, long, track, on to the road, nick across the golf course, remembering which way to go, side of the river, cross main road and you are nearly home. If only i could find the way into the arena again…….not pipers that you have to dodge in & out of this time, just spectators.

Another excellent MC doing the honours for the day . There was certainly a lot going on : dog races, highland dancing, tug-o-war, carrying the MASSIVE stone, to mention a few. Now as an MC you have to keep the standards up, if that’s the correct expression, and as he was explaining the finer points of the "stone lifting" his eye caught this lady on the front row yawning…."For goodness sake woman did you not get any sleep last night? Dear oh dear that’s terrible, shocking…….Now i want a big round of applause for this team now……anyone not applauding will be charged on the way out………….." Now this chap was on the largish side of large, so he’s told you once.

Thanks to the organisers at Aberfeldy for a fine little race. Calling in at Crieff Hydro is becoming a habit,and a good one at that.


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