We Kaim, We saw, We Conquered.

Veni, Vidi, Vici or for those who aren’t James. We Kaim, We saw, We Conquered.

28 Westies (I think, some didn’t put there club on the entry form) toed the start line of the 2019 Kaim hill race. The gun went off at 7 pm sharp and we were on our way up the hill. I took off at a fast pace hoping that Gregor would come by at some point up the climb and pace me up the hill. He never did, so I panicked and ran way too fast. Reaching the top in first was an unpleasant surprise and meant I was going to have to try hard on the downhill too. Other than a nice face plant, right in front of Ruth, it was an uneventful downhill and I was quite shocked to reach the forest still in first. At this point I had resigned to coming 2nd with Gregor passing me before we reached the road… but at least I was going to make him work for the win. So I was a bit shocked to still be in the lead at the right turn onto the road. At this point I decided that yea if nothing goes wrong here I can probably win. So sprinted up the road to the grab my first race win since 2013.

However, the evening was to get better! Gregor, eventually turned up and finished 2nd. Harrison in his first ever race finished 3rd, Ally and Paul both finished in the top 10. Ruth finished shortly after as first female, followed by ex westie Michelle in 2nd and Saki in a fantastic 3rd place. Alex was 4th, Megan 5th, Holly 6th and Kerry 8th to give westies 6 of the top 10. Don also manage to grab the M60 prize.

With Beinn Dubh next week likely to be a westies dominated affair again is it too soon to be bringing the famous haggis and crane to Timpsons for engraving?

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