A Screel reel

A Screel reel

Way down South to the Solway, the Westies came
To Screel’s roguish, rugged slopes , they attempted to tame
And scanning the results of SHR , first race
The standout performer was Niall McAlinden at 30.12 , a blistering pace

We are the Westies

We parked in a field, down a small twisty road
Over 100 cars, campers, it so easily, could hold
And in the shadows, of that ,small craggy peak
The attendants, on the Spectrum, filed the vehicles, so cosy, so neat

And flags were flying at the Registration starting line
And the Sun came a peeking, always a good sign
26 smiling Westies, the group photo will show
With 1 runner missing, you’ve guessed it , Owen O
203 runners assembled ,when 1pm came around
Then off at breakneck speed, up the gravelly ground

It was fast, steep , stoney, to reach the heathery track
Then hold your position, single file , cosy in a pack
Then a scramble up rocks, this way or that ?
Its suddenly windy, hold onto your hat

It relatively flat through the high peat hag
Of this restbite terrain , some are so glad
Then some jumping, jighery pokery we descend to a Glen
Such a tight, left turn at that right elbow bend

Tree roots,flint stones, the ground is undulatingly firm
As we grasped the grass banks and sharp cutting whin
Then a scramble down, crouched, on bent angled knees
As we entered the shade of some majestic Caledonian trees

Then jumping the roots near one single pine
Trusting ones footfall , trusting one’s mind
Wow, a spectacular view of a Seascape with blonde beach sand
Then quickly after that glance, to matters at hand !

Then down, down, to zig Zags , an option some take
Others straight through,nimble quick feet never brake
Then the hard pan,forest track with undulating curves
That no hill hill racer , can ever love

That final sharp bend, the timekeepers await.
And a group of faster finishers, who sympathise with your state
A glug of water , a munch, internal peace slowly descends
As you calm , you mull and converse with rivals and friends

Its done, it’s over, oh the joy the fun
Whatever your position, everyone has won
Congratulations to all, with special praise to Dougie M
A V70 champion, organiser supreme, everyone’s friend

27 Westies all safely round

We change, chat, refuel and bid Screel a fond farewell
That field by 5pm, is quiet , was there a race, you couldn’t tell
Only memories travel up North ,in a convoy of cars
Let’s do it again, late June, on the Alps of Arrochar

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