“I hope the rain holds off so I can keep my glasses on” I said, like an idiot.

We’re gathered in Callander for the start of the 2nd race in the Trossachs Night Trail Series. Hill running legend Angela Mudge stands on a wall to give the pre-race briefing. “The weather’s a lot better than it was earlier” she says, like an idiot.

Minutes later, it starts to rain. We hear it before we feel it, and I’m reminded of that scene from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, when the Rohirrim are lined up along the battlements of Helm’s Deep, awaiting Saruman’s hordes of Uruk-hai*.

We, too, are facing up to a ruthless enemy – 8 kilometres of dark, muddy, rocky trail.

There’s not much else to say, mainly because there’s not much to see. We start running, I take my glasses off, I overtake some people (mainly on the muddy bits through the trees), and most of them later return the favour (mainly on the more runnable tracks).

In contrast to Will, I finish without falling over, and am pretty pleased with my performance (except for the fact that, as ever, there are too many people ahead of me).

Sodden, we head back to the church hall for some tea and mince pies.


Winning times:

1 Alasdair Campbell (Cambuslang) 30:32 (CR)

25 Catriona Buchanan (Ochil) 38:42


13 Westies ran:

24 Will Beresford 38:24

32 Allan Waters 39:06

34 Tom Finch 39:11

36 Ian Thurlbeck 39:42

45 Lucinda Beresford 40:53

48 Jenn Ruddick 41:40

52 Chris Furse 42:22

70 Hollie Leonard 44:54

88 Alistair Boyer 46:51

91 Andrew Fulwood 47:03

108 Peter Midgley 50:14

134 Helen MacPherson 62:42 (1st F60, I think)

141 Eileen Hamil 77:31 (2nd F60, I think)


* if you liked this, you might also like https://westerlandsccc.co.uk/a-cobbler-jolly/

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