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What is the Trig Point Challenge

As some of you may know I am in Lomond Mountain Rescue team and myself and Jenny Allen (also in team and has attended a few Westies runs) and Jamie Aarons (who is a partner of one of the team members and awesome ultra runner) have decided to put a crazy idea to some good.


Goal: To visit all the trig points within Lomond MRT boundary in the quickest possible time (ambitious goal of 24hours) with transport assist between logical road access points.

Reality: This collates to approximately 95km of walking/running and 5000m vertical ascent in total.

Reason: To raise profile of Mountain Rescue and fundraise for Lomond MRT.

Date: Weekend 6th/7th of April 2019, finishing at some time on the 7th at the summit of Ben Lomond.

Plea: To pull this off we are going to require some company and assistance along the way and it would be fabulous if some of you would be willing to be part of our support team.  Assistance of any kind will be greatly appreciated but some suggestions are:

  • General banter and encouragement throughout the challenge
  • Raising the profile of our challenge and maximising fundraising opportunities by sharing on social media with friends etc
  • Joining us on legs to assist with navigation and just generally keep us moving.
  • Joining us on recces or sharing any local knowledge of quickest routes or access to trig points
  • Finishing team on summit of Ben Lomond

Thanks Everyone


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