Kilbarchan Klassic
1st August 2011

Results | Route
The Tour of Clydeside kicks off with an 8.7km out and back on the cyclepath at Kilbarchan. I set off with intent and lead for about the first kilometre before being caught and passed by David Gardiner followed shortly after by Gavin Harvie (both Kirkintilloch Olympians). I attempted to chase Gavin, but failed to make any ground. At the 4 and a bit kilometre turn I was caught by Paul Carroll (Clydesdale) and Chris Moses (Helensburgh). I decided to have a rest for about 10 minutes by jogging behind and Paul and Chris, but they were moving too slowly, so I had to pass them again and start chasing down Gavin. With about 800 metres to go I’d decided to really go for it, but Paul beat me to it, and he kicked first, however he’d kicked too soon and I simply used him to launch my final attack to catch Gavin. I charged him down as hard as I could but only got within 2 seconds him on the line.

Canalbank Canter
2nd August 2011

Results | Route
The 2nd race is a 7.7km out and back on the canal towpath at Clydebank. Once again, I set off as fast as possible and lead at first, but in a repeat of last night David Gardiner came past, soon followed by Gavin, with Chris Moses breathing down my neck. I couldn’t muster quite such a strong finish as last night, but again I finished 3rd, this time 11 seconds adrift of Gavin.

Garscube Gallop
4th August 2011

Results | Route
The Garscube Gallop is a bit different with a challenging hilly route in Dawsholm Park. There were a few extra runners who turned out for this one, with Adam Taylor, Andy McCall, Paul Thompson and Owen O’Neill making their presence felt at the front. I tried not to start too fast this time, but on the first small lap got a bit too excited and overtook David Gardiner and Gavin, before flagging a bit on the 2 longer laps. I managed to jump Chris Moses just before the line to preserve my 3rd place finish of those doing the series, and finished 6th on the night.

Bellahouston Belter 10k
5th August 2011

Results | Route
The final race is the only one in the Series of a standard distance. I was hoping for sub 36 minutes, but wasn’t quite sure how tired I’d feel. Once again Gavin went out hard at the start, and I just tried to cover his moves. I was pretty much right behind him at the end of the first lap, but then flagged a bit just over halfway to allow a slight gap to open. I was then chasing harder and harder towards, still reasonably confident I’d catch him if I kept working. I also had Chris Moses right on my heels for the final 2 or 3 km, so had to keep on pressing forwards. In the end I didn’t quite catch Gavin, but held off Chris by a couple of seconds to finish in about 35:48 which was a pleasant surprise, since I didn’t feel like I was running that fast. The overall race was won by Stuart Gibson of Ronhill Cambuslang in 31 minutes something.

The Tour of Clydeside was won by David Gardiner, with Gavin Harvie 2nd, and myself 3rd.
Final results

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