Tom Scott 10M Road Race

What a morning for a race. The weather was gorgeous and that didn’t make it easy on the runners flying round the loch at Strathclyde Park last Sunday morning. I did this race a few years ago and despite being forward and reverse loops of the loch, it’s a great wee race. There were 164 runners this year so it was a nice size of field and ability.

The winner was Shettleston legend Tsegai TEWELDE in a time of 50:08. I was aiming for around 60 mins but from the start things weren’t looking great – my usual poor pre-race preparation to blame. I was catching up and sunbathing with Andy Gatenby, an old GUHH friend, near the back of the pack when the gun went off, To catch the wave of runners at the front I went through the first mile really quickly and caught up to where I should’ve been starting. A long weekend involving a wedding and a boozy bbq didn’t help my pre-race condition either. However, I struggled on and kept my km splits fairly steady, although being exposed to the blazing sun going down one side of the loch took noticeable toll on the runners I was beside.

In the end I came 31st in 1:02:50 and was quite pleased. I managed to catch Andrew BUCHANAN in the last mile and was feeling quite good except that I was beaten in a sprint finish to the line by Andrew MCLINDEN (V60), who I’d been jostling with during the whole race.


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