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This was a fun runaround of a course, mainly on tracks and paths, undulating with not too much climbing and some open sections of good fast running.

A handful of gun runners shot off the front and were out of sight by the time we got offroad proper to loop around the famous Neilston Pad.  The first half of this was more technical underfoot on grassy paths with some mud plugging, up and down, in and out of the trees, then a good descending track from the water stop at halfway to put some distance on my pursuer.  Although billed as 4.5miles, the markers were given in kilometres, and at irregular intervals at that, to distract our minds with mental arithmetic.

Iain MacCorquodale of Cambuslang won in 25:40 by 20 sec from Michael Deason (Shettleston).  Jessica Martin was 1st lady in 7th and Ellie and Cat, 2nd and 3rd.  I was 5th, 2nd vet.  Very well marshalled and marked with no small credit due to Pat, Sharon and to Grim, chief technical adviser to the race organiser.

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