The Boxer

Was going to start this report with a tale of illness and despair having not recovered from the Tour de Helvellyn but the reality was I turned up on in Ayr on Boxing Day feeling great and looking forward to a mad dash.

Unlike previous years (ice / wind / sandblasting), the weather was perfect – fairly mild, no wind but the threat of a smir of rain to keep things cool.

Had a look for any other Westies but suppose it is the wrong side of the river for many. Quick race brief any the crowds were off. Started fairly nippy with an larvae of equalling last years time or at least staying comfortably ahead of my cousin Alan who was also running. Along the shore and slightly ahead of target. The left turn alongside the river was made enjoyable with shouts of encouragement from my cousin’s wife Karyn and ma wee niece. Another left turn and a nice straight along the road for a bit before a wee circuit of a nice housing estate. Was wondering why a fair few runners were catching me when I had a wee look at the watch …the reason was simply – I was losing pace. Nae idea why other than I had just slowed up …wee burst of pace helped recover things a bit but by doing some basic math, I had lost too much time to try and make up.

Kept things together a wee bit better on the return and managed a smile to Karyn (plus a shoulder check to see where my cousin was). In the last 2km tried to catch a guy in front with a Kilmarnock vest on but never managed (turned out to be a pal called John Tougher). Crossed the line in 40:16 which in hindsight was about right although must put in an effort to get back under the 40 minutes again next year !  

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