Roddy & Ally go for a Run

This long awaited 3-part series was commissioned following a generally well-received pilot episode: ‘Roddy & Ally run the burdens leg 2’. Episode 1: SIPR – ‘Another Sorrdid Affair’ We gave it a good bash. The sailors; Brian,…

SIPR, JURA & LAMM ft Porkpies

How many pork pies are too many? Well, the answer depends on who and when you ask. Ask Ally and he’ll probably stop at a meagre 6. Ask me on the other hand and you’ll get an answer close to 20. Excessive for one weekend you say? Well…


Results It's a long, tough and very rough race, but one of those weekends that reminds you why you love hill running... nuff said.  

Jura Race 2013

Here are a few photos from this year's Jura Race courtesy of Barbara Macleod. She reports that Mindy finished around 5 hours 16 minutes and Manny had a great run for a probable 13th place.

Jura Fell Race

28th May 2011ResultsHow good does hill racing get? Just getting to Jura is an adventure. A drive along the Clyde, Loch Lomond, Loch Long, Loch Fyne, Loch Gilp, Crinan Canal, Caol Scotnish, Loch Sween to Tayvallich. Then on board the 12-seat…


Some photos from Jura 1999


Champing at the bit on the start line, I leapt into the lead as soon as the gun went off. I held a 3 or 4 metre lead on the front runners up the first half mile of track, enjoying running on my own. So much for not starting off too quickly!…


Jurassic Millennium 27th May My visits to the Isle of Jura seem to follow an unintentional three-year cycle, but for the 2000 edition, I found myself with two trips planned within a week. The first, during the Scottish Islands Peaks Race, took…