Last weekend should have seen a Mexican Mas Loco reunion / celebration / run – it didn’t happen and the responsibility for that is mine …entirely my own damn fault. Felt pish about it but simply didn’t feel right. Hopefully share a dram with folks another time.

But …I also felt that it was important to mark the weekend with something appropriate. The Antonine Half Trail Marathon fitted the bill perfectly.

When it comes to successful sandal wearers …the Romans are well up the race rankings.

Wee bit of history for those who don’t know (I didn’t) – the Antonine Wall is a Roman stone & turf fortification which was built more of less coast to coast spanning 63km from Old Kilpatrick in the west to Bo’ness in the east. It was to serve as a replacement for more famous Hadrians Wall located to the south and was intended to further extend the territory controlled by the Romans but was abandoned after only about 20 years.

Anyway, the trail race started just opposite Croy Railway station. The fast folks were advised to start near the front. Since I’m not fast but was also running in my Luna sandals opted for a start position somewhere near the middle back.

First bit follows the undulating path parallel to the Edinburgh to Glasgow Railway line before crossing over to the north – the next section was a seriously fun mudfest. The Lunas gave no traction whatsoever and it felt like the harder I tried …more slipping and sliding ! Thankfully, we returned to a compacted path and I found a puddle / foot wash. Next bit was steady and before long caught up with Lorna McMillan (who ran an awesome 2nd place girl West Highland Way race in a time of 19 hours & 46 minutes) – it was noted that had there been a prize for most chat during the race, we would have won outright. It seemed too social a day to race hard.

The route continues along a series of paths before heading up Croyhill. The final return section is back along the railway path. Crossed the line, damp muddy and happy !

A great race that any hill runner would enjoy. Organisation worked well and the marshalling cheery beyond compare. Was a bit gutted not to be able to hang about after but had a pint waiting for me in Skye.

ps …a few folks asked what the Lunas are about …bugger all advantage, they are just fun to run in !


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