A good group of Westies made the journey for the first of this season’s East Coast Bog n Burn races on Wednesday. It was a nice cool evening for running and there was one of those ‘strong fields’ in attendance. Fair midgey at the start – it was a relief to get going.

My legs were low-key gubbed still after May’s island-excesses but I was keen to give this one a good go, the only B&B course I’d not done before.

I made a good clip along the first half mile of flat road (there’s the mornings in Pollock Park paying a dividend) but as soon as I hit the first incline (oh, hello power to weight ratio) all feelings of strength evaporated.

Harrison overtook me about a mile in and just increased the gap as the race went on. There was a rough path/track, a pleasant trot over the two Kips and then a remarkably long descent & run back to the start along a decent path. Tom E had overtaken me on the descent off the second hill, I tried my best to catch him by winding it up on the road but I just couldn’t quite close the gap.

I didn’t hang around to watch others come in (too many midges) but went for a quick warm-down jog before retreating to the pub for a well-earned drink and soup.

Well done to all the Westies racing, a fun wee evening I thought.

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