9 May 2009

Having been out injured for a while, I wasn’t fit enough to do Ben Lomond, so I headed east through the monsoon to run this race as a wee fitness test. I’m sure the undulating route would be very scenic on a sunny day, but in the pishing rain and howling wind, it was a less than joyful experience. Marshalls were abundant and cheerful though, and I had a fine time with my Penicuik chums.

My time was pretty average, I misjudged my pace and blew up at 5-6k, my hamstring was sore the next day, but the post-race cakes were good.

Neil Renault of Medway & Maidstone AC won in 32:37, with Sarah Blake from the host club recording 40:56 for first female. The results are on the Penicuik Harriers website and there’s even an unflattering photo of me at the finish. (Come to think of it, all running photos of me are grim.)

I’m sure running with Manny on Meall an Fhudair (Sunday afternoon) wasn’t the best thing to do for recovery either, but I just couldn’t miss out on such a big event. Hope to see you again over the coming weekends, Corbett-meister!


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