Against my better judgement I decided to take part in the Highlander Mountain Marathon with my boyfriend although I’m still struggling with shin splints. We dropped down a class to the C as I haven’t run since January and I though I would have a better chance of finishing the C.

We had a good run on the Saturday, finishing in just under 5 hours with my shin pain hardly slowing me down at all. I was quite surprised to find out we had won the first day, but only had an 8 minute lead on the chasing team. Sunday was a chasing start and the pressure got to us, we didn’t notice the bridge marked on the map, so crossed a waist deep freezing river at 7am in the morning. Momentarily distracted by this, we headed up the wrong stream, by the time we had found the first control the chasing team were already heading up the hill some distance ahead of us.

We finished 2nd overall and first mixed team.


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