Paddling round the Pad

One thing is clear: the Gods have decreed that Westies is a north Glasgow club, and any venture south of the river will be punished by flood (but not famine: thanks Ashoka Darnley!).
At approximately 6.45pm, some 7 drookit Westy men set forth from the Neilston station car park, soon to be joined by John Hutchinson. Where were the Westy women? had Pat taken cold feet? (well, she had, but that was the result of following in our wake with Cat, at some minutes’ handicap.
Neilston Pad was successfully climbed, into the clouds, then my almost-washed-away flour markers guided us back to the trail. I had to describe the views, as the rain was incessant and we soon were subjected to a foot-wash on the riverside trail. The last mile or so through woodland (the old Crofthead Estate) featured a brief encounter with a yellow-clad young lass, but this was no Westy wummin, just a wet one! A final charge(?) up the Brae, then 6 muddy Westies tried to share my shower in preparation for the Ashoka assignment.
The curry was certainly a necessary postscript to a serious wetting, and was enhanced by the arrival of token Westy wummin (sorry Pat!!) as we furtively tore up a Peshwari naan amongst us.
The general verdict was that the new club run route was quite acceptable, and could maybe be repeated in September.

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