Finally remembered about the North Berwick Law race this year (usually remember the day after) !


Despite being fairly short, the course appealed – start in the middle of town by the harbour, run through the streets before crossing the park, another wee road section before a trail then the climb up / slide back down the Law itself.


Met up with a couple of pals from the east at registration and was feeling like a lone yellow in a sea of brown (big HBT contingent on the start line) before spotting Owen as the other Westie representative. The initial pace felt very much like a parkrun event and I was soon blowing out my beard trying to maintain my placing. Not knowing the course had an advantage since everything was a surprise and all that could be done was adjust pace to suit with no expectations. The climb up the Law gave a welcome break but quickly I realised I had made the wrong shoe choice with racing slicks and no tread to speak of. This ensured an uncontrolled descent where rocks became friends giving a little traction. Crossing the park for the second time, another shout of HBT made me smile possibly more than it should have. More shouts of support in the main street down to the finish and it was done. Owen was obviously first Westie and think my time was 25 minutes and something seconds ?


Post race …it was braw to sit down by the harbour and watch the last of the day sink away with a bag of chips. Maybe a bit of a trek through but well worth the effort.


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