After yesterday’s 8-hour epic on the Mamores, I could bately walk, let alone run. But given that the Nigel Barge was the final Westies Winter League counter, I thought I should make the effort to hobble round.

I didn’t see any other Westies at the start, although Sharon’s name was in the results.

I set off slowly, thinking I might save something for later in the race. It was all good preparation for the final 10k of London, given that I was feeling wasted and aching all over before I started. I had various battles along the way, with Ruth Joss, Graeme Kennedy, Alex Chisholm, but lost them all. I could maybe have chased down Alex on Maryhill Road in the final kilometre for 1st V50, but thought it wasn’t worth pranging my hamstrings just before London, so just pootled in with 38:41.

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