I’m just back from an amazing day. Yes, it was mostly raining today, and yes, it was blowing a hoolie, but when has that ever stopped Westies having a blast!


4 Westies congregated in Symington to the ‘More Passed Than Mastermind’ Audax – a 200km cycle journey that criss crossed the Lowter Hills before heading up the Devils Beeftub to Broughton and back to Symington, taking in every hill around. It’s not an area I’ve spent much time in as I usually just whisk past on the M74 but the countryside is beautiful.


This was my first Audax event and I am truly converted. It’s just a bunch of folk going for a long cycle. The organiser sets the route and all you have to do is find your way around it, picking up till receipts from various shops or cafes to prove you have been there.


Duncan, JD and I had decided to do it as training for our cycling trip to the Pyrenees in the summer.  There is no way I’d have gone out for a long cycle today had we not signed up because of how foul the weather was.  The wind and rain made it incredibly hard work, but never took away from the enjoyment. I’m sitting on the sofa tonight unsure whether my cheeks or legs are more sore given how much of the day I spent grinning.


Now, my favourite hill races of the year are the relays, like the Devils Burdens, because it is so rare in running to be part of a real team, running in pairs. Today I learnt what team sport cycling is. We were motoring along, sharing the work on the front naturally and eating up the miles almost effortlessly.  It was a joy.


Duncan and JD, thanks for the thrilling day out! And thanks for the company for the first half Ken!


Right, report written – beer and pizza awaits.


If interested the route is here – I can thoroughly recommend it:


GPS Trail 


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