What a wee cracker of a race! Ochil Hillrunners’ second running of this night race seemed a great success all-round. Spot-on weather, grippy conditions and almost 80 runners this year – and no broken legs! Headtorches primed we dashed off for a lung-buster of an uphill “power walk” followed by the extreme opposite mad descent. Our own BB made a brave return to the scene of his leg break last year, and survived unscathed, and Captainess Paula again successfully tested out her titanium leg. Owen had a fab run in 3rd place and JD2 made a welcome return to racing. Headtorches were also donned by Jamie, myself (a 4 minute PB over last year, yippee – doesn’t happen often these days!), George. In the dark there may well have been others too! We enjoyed soup, mince pies and and pints of Santa’s Sack in the pub. A fine evening out and recommended to all.


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