A good turnout of 14 runners at last night’s Lock 27 Time Trial.

Dark, driech, rainy conditions added a sense of danger to the road crossings.

Thanks to Nige for the time-keeping, and well done to all the first timers.

Chris Upson M40 0:16:39
Scott Mitchell M 0:17:17
Steffen Gorgas M40 0:18:16
Neil Adams M 0:18:39
Ellen Homewood F 0:19:30
Brian Brennan M50 0:19:44
Gibson Fleming M60 0:20:42
Peter Grassl M 0:21:54
Pauline McAdam F50 0:22:27
Johnston Orr M 0:22:35
Elizabeth Adams F 0:22:48
Muffy Calder F50 0:22:52
Colin Porteous M50 0:23:12
Fiona Hutchinson F50 0:25:18

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