24th January 2011

Congratulations to all 12 runners tonight. Some excellent runs and good times.

First home in the handicap stakes was Cat (21:48 actual) followed just 30s later by Pat and Caroline (26:22 actual) making the handicap a clean sweep for the ladies.

Then all 9 guys came home thick and fast within 90s of each other. Last off and first back were Sam with a good time of 16:15 and potential to improve towards a Westie record, and Scott just behind with a cracking new PB at 16:38. Ken, Steffen and Owen all put in solid sub 19s with Peter setting a new PB at 20:00 (nicely teed for a sub-20 in spring), and Johnston showing good improvement with a 21:32 PB. Gibby and Brian also ran and show no sign of slowing up posting 21:30 and 19:45 respectively.

Thanks to Helen for keeping me company and we hope to see the ladies back out in force for the spring TT in April.

The spreadsheet will be updated over the next couple of days.

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