There was good display of Westies vests with myself, Fiona Hutch and Gaynor Gillespie all in attendance.  Once again the race was started by the legendary Lachie Stewart who famously ran the course in 28:10 about 40 years ago. Apparently nobody has got near that time since.

Anyhow, I only had the intention of jogging round to get a time on the board that I can hopefully beat with any luck at the remaining 3 Polaroids.

The could be no complaints about the weather. Dry cool and sunny before the start. Then a bit of a cooling downpour during the race that you didn’t really notice.

I was trying to do a few sums in my head from 7km onwards to predict time remaining, and likely finishing time, but only ended up confusing myself and convincing myself I was about to run about 38 minutes, and hence more or less gave up at this point.

I chased in a Garscube runner for the final km, but couldn’t be bothered to catch or overtake him, despite thinking I should be making more effort in the closing stages. I was expecting the clock to say 38 min-something when I turned the final corner, so was slightly confused when it was on 36:55. I therefore had to make a last ditch lunge to ensure I was across the timing mat before the clock tripped to 37 minutes. So my finishing time was around 36:58. About 1 minute 40 slower than last year, but at least a time on the board to beat next week at Clydebank. 

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