This was another memorable and thoroughly enjoyable event that was notable for the collective spirit of ingenuity and flexibility that overcame the weather, injury and illness to have a spectacular finish in the setting sun at 7:16 pm at Bowness.

The number of fit and able runners steadily declined from the 22 on Thursday to 21 on Friday, to 19 on Saturday at 8 am, then finally 17 by 3pm. All the fit participants rose to the occasion by adopting dual personalities, running for two teams at the same time, doing extra legs, moving change over points to extend legs and general pushing themselves very hard to get to the end.

We adopted the Westies tried and tested approach by starting late as a number of cars found it difficult to find the start in the dark. It was noted that the person who had to come the furthest (Rob from Edinburgh) was there first.

As it grew brighter it also got colder and wetter, but the general mood improved as we found a petrol station selling coffee and the A team arrived right on time from Glasgow.

By Chesters the shortage of fit and able runners was beginning to tell and people were seen in huddles making increasingly imaginative plans to fill in the gaps. Rumour has it there were discussion with some of the fitter tourists who were going in our direction and the possibility of using some of the many local sheep, but neither of these was put into action. Later in the day some people were driven by the heat and exertion to seek solace in a nice little pub just by a change over point and we thought we had lost them forever.

So after a great deal of hard work we all arrived at Bowness a bit foot sore but with a great sense of achievement. We were then able to head back to Greenhead for some well earned food and a Westies social evening that lasted well into the morning.

Again thanks to everyone who took part, ran and ran again, made food and worked so hard to make it fun.

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