Forfar Multi-terain Half Marathon


There was a scattering of Westies at the Forfar Multi-terain Half this morning.  No golden vests on show though as the bitting wind meant I kept my soft-shell on.  Brian, being a local, was running in the sky-blue of Forfar Road Runners.  And Jo was with her south side / triathlon mates, which was good as I was able to thank them in person for the Southside Six buffs they donated to our pub run the other week. 

Having grown up in Forfar it was nice to be back exploring some of the paths and trails I knew nothing about as a kid.  And some of trails I had run as a 12 year old felt much shorter and easier as an adult!

Conditions were just about ideal.  Although cold it wasn’t too icy and the skies were clear.  And keeping the soft-shell on meant my body temperature was well regulated.  I’d heard the route contained a knee deep river crossing so was a little disappointed to find that it was bypassed because the water level was hip-deep… maybe next time.

I enjoyed my run and came home 9th I think, just over 1h25m.  By all reports Brian had a proper race on his hands, sitting in second for most of the race but finding a little extra in the last 500 meters to take the win – well done Brian!

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