Conditions were pretty grim, for sure, as all the marshals will no doubt agree.

Visibility was pretty poor, it was wet, and it wasn’t exactly the warmest evening in the world either.

Thanks to all who put in a shift at the marshalling, and to the organisers who ensured everyone got to run safely.

There was a mixed set of results on the night. Two excellent times from Joe and Iain, then a gap of six minutes until Don Naylor finished to claim third place, before the remaining runners came in thick and fast.

There seemed to be a bit of variation in route choice before Cort-ma Law, then again through the bog up to Lecket. Having never done the route before in poor visibility I found it hard to find the right line up to this point. At least four of us went a wee bit off course before appearing at the point where JD was marshalling from completetly the wrong direction. We pretty much double backed and raced down to the double burn crossing which is where I dropped from 3rd to 9th , finding it difficult to keep up at this point.

Shortly after I finished it was obvious that a lot of other runners had taken much more sensible routes through the bog and, as a result, recorded some very decent times.  You know who you are.

Thanks again to David, and his team.

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