Cort-ma Law Hill Race 2009

10th June 2009

This is a rather unusual report as I had a static perspective on the race from my marshalling point, but here goes…

Ideal weather conditions meant a high turnout of over 100 starters to the Crow Road car park. The field soon spread out on the initial climb and a long line of runners could be seen powering across the Campsie skyline.

Kenny Richmond was well ahead when he reached me at the stile before going down to the burn, where John Bottomley had kindly taken up station as this year’s midge-magnet. (Has he been seen since then? Hope so…!!!) Kenny went on to win the race, only slightly behind his time from last year.

Fiona Maxwell of Shettleston took the women’s title, again by some distance. Carnethy took the male team prize, and the Westieez Wimmin took the female team prize. G’oan ra Westieez Burdz!!!

Further down the field, a big congratulations to 2 other Westies at different ends of the age spectrum – sole junior Deborah Stokoe, and MV70 Richard Gorman, who might just be quicker than his partially-crocked son at the moment!

I had a great time chatting to the Lomond MRT guys (thanks for your support), and was amazed by how fast you all seemed to be going. Well done everyone, you all looked great!

I’ve also uploaded an ancient CmL race poster from Nineteen-Canteen (click on it to enlarge). It comes from a CD full of Westies archive material, which I will endeavour to upload as and when I get the time (so you may be waiting a while unless you’ve got IT skills and you want to offer me some help).

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