Club Song

Listed below are the lyrics of the Westies club anthem, written by The Rt Hon. Big Al Campbell.

The Westies Flag

(Sung to the tune of O Christmas Tree)

The Westies Flag is flying high
Black and gold against the sky
To its black letter W
We will remain both staunch and true

Through moorland bog and upland rock
We are the best of running stock
We shun woodbine and embassy
To do our best for the CCC

We don the vest of black and gold
Though some of us are very old
And streak like lightning through the mud
Barbed wire and bramble drawing blood

But do we care no not a bit
We mock and jear the thought of it
For we are Westies through and through
We give our all for the W

We fly o’er peat hags down deep screes
With never a murmur from our knees
Whilst others gaze with gasps of wonder
At our calves of iron our thighs of thunder

Lesser mortals of lesser clubs
Are left knee deep in the miry dubs
While we speed on and they aspire
The Westies flag is flying higher

(Campbell ©1998)

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