CAT  – Cairngorm Adventure Triathlon

Manny & I were thinking of doing this event but we thought we would wait until after the Ben to see how we were feeling as it was the following Saturday 14th September.  Just as well we did not enter together as Manny came down with “Man Flu”, again……  Tried to get someone to do it with me but no luck.  So on Friday afternoon I had contacted the organiser to say that if anyone was looking for a partner I could step in.  Well that evening I got an email back to say to turn up 8am on Saturday morning & they would find someone for me.

I was all exciting my 1st Triathlon & I was going to use my new Cross Bike which arrived 2 weeks ago & only been out few times on it.  Anyway I arrived got a partner, who was about same level as me.  I have not canoed since school so was nervous about that, but thoroughly enjoyed it & got through the 3k canoe around Loch Morlich.   It was a lovely calm day & we did ok.  I enjoyed the bike route, 25k of a mixture of on/off road sections.  Then the fun began, I got of the bike & could not run, never done a bike & run before, maybe I should have tried this before entering.  Anyway I got around & should have had a quicker run but ended up with a time of 2 hrs 27 mins, 150th position out of 211.  Great friendly event defiantly one to try.


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