Nov 1st: Send out email asking for names… Blink… 46 unread emails saying people are keen.

Nov 20th: Starting reading through emails and assigning teams, this involves a 36 dimensional equations that even Gwyn would be proud of.

Dec 9th: Chat with Sam who adds 11 additional dimensions to the planning equations.

Dec 25th: Enjoy Christmas day by putting teams together

Jan 1st: First of the dreaded I’m not going to be able to run emails.

Jan 9th: Send out email for finial call for entries… Blink… 28 unread emails.

Jan 12th: Send out first draft of teams to the committee so I can shift some of the blame on them if things don’t work out.

Jan 15th: Meet with Leyre to discuss teams… more blame shifting.

Jan 19th: Send-off entry forms!!!

Jan 20th: Shit… 3 teams are falling apart

Jan 23rd: Cursed team is identified as the Mens B team… In the end the team lost, Rob H (moved to A), James C (moved to A), Me (moved to A), Neil A (flu), David F (Flu) and Johannes C (accidentally ran in the early start). But proud to say the team still finished!!

Jan 26th: By the time I’ve replied to one whatsapp, I’ve received 6 new emails.

Jan 27th 4 am: Wake up at in a panic… check phone… everything is OK

Jan 27th 6:30 am: Alarm… check phone… no emails… relax a bit.

Jan 27th 7:30 am: Leave for Falkland… phone is beeping the whole way but I don’t look… turns out it was my mum texting, she’s working in the Gambia for 6 weeks and was sending photos!

Jan 27th 9:10 am: Registration is sorted and I think the teams are all OK. The hall empties a bit and I get a moment to relax a little. The logistics of the day are a mess especially with the men’s B team but I think we can pull it off.

Jan 27th 10 am: I head off for my warm up. I run out to the start with Jasmin Paris and it’s good to just have a friendly chat.

Jan 27th 10:30 am: Shit I’m running for the A team… how did this happen. I’m not ready for this…

Jan 27th 11:00 am: I’m gutted, I feel like I’ve let the team down. I just wasn’t at the races today. Probably could have been a minute faster…

Jan 27th 11:01 am: Right new shoes are laced up, time to run for the B’s. Off the start I feel broken.

Jan 27th 11:45 am: This is AMAZING!!! Gregor and Mark are in First and look like they are Flying!!!

Jan 27th 12:30 pm: I wonder which car is Brian’s… Of course… It’s the biggest in Kinnesswood.

Jan 27th 1:30 pm: Back in Falkland, how am I ever going to get this beast parked!!! Brennan taps on the window and lets me know we won… YASSSSSSS… right I’m just going to abandon the car here and Brian can deal with the consequences.

Jan 27th 3 pm: Most of the teams are finished and westies have pulled off a stomper of a day… the woman came 3rd and V60s won… Quite sure we were the loudest in the hall too.

Jan 27th 8:30 pm: Arrive in the Islay Inn… get pint… down pint!!!

Jan 28th 10 am: Wake up hungover but happy…

 Thanks to everyone for making this fantastic day happen. Huge thanks especially to those who ran two legs (Lorna and Brian Bonnyman) and to Maya for roping her Dad in at the last minute.

Now we just have to defend out title next year



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