Report from Andrew Fullwood:


A poetic race report from the back with apologies to the Bard and anyone else with good taste.


Eight Westies left the west coast

To the east and south to Selkirk

A race for the Bard in the Borders was determined to take place

The laddies four in number

Two Davids, a Chris and an Andrew

Ably matched by the lassies

Charlotte, Elizabeth, Sophie and let’s not forget Leanne.


Feel the Burns had been shortened because of the lying snow

As we slipped along to the start line it still promised a tough eight miles

More snow was forecast later, just about the time they would shout go


Near two hundred toed the line at noon

All keen for the lying snow

Off up the icy forest road, thinking of the end…

To sprint downhill on stony ice or best to take it slow?

Soon onto the hill we ventured icy road was soon forgot

As we wound away past powdery snow in a trod cut for the slow

A few flakes started falling as we congaed up Peat Law

Then on up to Three Brethren afore a gallop down the hill

The height hard won was quickly lost and the snow was getting thicker

Across the valley and up a rise the snow here was much thicker

Two ringing marshals welcomed us and urged us further on

Down again to the bottom of Foulshiels but rocky paths tempered the snow


A drink and jelly baby were kindly offered to help us up the hill

The steep snowy staircase of Foulshiels saps the strength of the legs as we go

And as we get to the top in the snow

A herd of black cows look disgusted by the human fools in the snow


The wind now was whipping the snow in our eyes as down one last time we did go

Not easy to see but at least you’re assured that a fall should be soft in the snow

Over a stile down the next field and then over the fence to the road

The wind now has gone and the vision returned as we stretch our legs out for the end

On the road where we started a little more grip in fresh snow

So a dash to the finish a few places to swap

A man in his simmet having a really good go


The racing now over and it’s back to the club for a heat

Super-fast Westies were still hibernating or waiting for Beelzebub

So Bog Trotters took prize haggises home but all were well rewarded for their efforts in the snow

 A prize for all. A haggis Pie

And soup for chilly bones


Maybe next year there’ll be less snow, further then we’ll have to go,

But either way it’ll be a great day and for haggis prizes we will run.

Well Done One and All!


Christopher McKiddie – 1.27.15

David Atkin – 1.28.23

David Rogers – 1.29.36

Sophie Philbrick – 1.31.11

Charlotte Heath – 1.34.52

Elizabeth Adams – 1.38.58

Andrew Fullwood – 1.42.13

Leanne Cooke – 1.53.00



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