Ben Ledi Grudge Match

This was the 4th outing of the Ben Ledi Grudge Match between Westies and HBT.

Today’s race was held in bright spring sunshine, with plenty of snow on the tops.

11 runners lined up for the 1pm kick-off. 5 Westies + 6 from HBT. Murray Strain’s mother Sheila had already set off a bit earlier. I pottered around with Benjamin, Cat and Claudia waiting for the runners to return.  First back was Al Anthony, closely followed by David Fulton, then an 8 minute gap to Luke, before a steady stream saw all runners back safely.

1. Al Anthony, HBT, 1:03:22
2. David Fulton, HBT, 1:03:46
3. Luke Arnott, Westies, 1:11:48
4. Claire Gordon, HBT, 1:13:59
5. Marc Roper, Westies, 1:16:15
6. James Bowden, HBT, 1:18:07
7. Steffen Gorgas, Westies, 1:21:14
8. Peter McClelland, HBT, 1:23:48
9. Ellen Homewood, Westies, 1:24:30
10. Dan Clements, HBT, 1:26:27
11. John Hamer, Westies, 1:39:10
12. Sheila Strain, HBT, c. 2 hours

Previous grudge matches were in 2009, 2012

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