It was a dreich morning on Sunday, damp and breezy, as we crowded in Jenners’ foyer at Lomond Shores before being sent on our way.  After a few corners getting out of Balloch, I settled into the third group on the long streets through Alexandria and Renton. The head wind was noticeable but not testing.  Both the second and the third groups disintegrated at 4 miles and we started to make our own way for home, into Dumbarton and onto the cycleway, with myself in 10th position.   The whole course was extremely well signed and marshalled by DAAA club members braving the elements.  It was perhaps an unfair advantage to have Westies on the last three points which gave me an impetus to run strongly; thanks for the support guys.


It seemed to get colder and the road wetter from Bowling and the wind picked up amongst the taller buildings as I threaded my way on and off the pavements, round puddles and the odd parked car.  Up ahead, a Greenock Glenpark Harrier and Bellahouston Road Runner had individually been moving well.  I latched onto the Bellahouston after the Western Isles roundabout, getting ahead at Mountblow junction and managed to drop him in the final mile through Singer business park.  The two runners ahead seemed to fade a little.  I got past Glenpark turning the corner into the Seaforth Road finish and was pursuing the guy in 5th only to have Glenpark take us both with an all-out sprint.  Nevertheless I was happy to be 7th in about 79:20 (I think) and particularly pleased with how I’d handled the pacing. 


Only the hopeful few lingered at the Playdrome for the prize giving but none was forthcoming and we drifted away one at a time.  A chip timing malfunction was mentioned, but it was sunny by then.  No results yet – Paul Sorrie was first, Thomas Fay second (both Shettleston).

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