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The race calendar is perennial, So the Big Ben and Braemar were the pair, The hills glowed a right royal purple, The handsome Don Reid was there! The massed bands came in a piping The excited crowds, they were rare. My ankle was quite bloody painful, But I was racing, so I didn’t care! And

Let Battle Commence

It all started so well – dinner on Saturday evening with old hill friend Davey Duncan, in the very excellent Steamboat Inn at Carsethorn and mugs of tea back at his camper van. I left the van around 10pm for the cosiness of my sleeping bag and my wee tent which I had erected in

Greenmantle 25 Years on – Fancy or not?!

The Greenmnatle Dash – at least 25 years since I had last done this race,  but for 2017  I decided that the pros outweighed the cons;the pros being: a Westie winter league counter,a crisp sunny forecast, Davey’s  offer of a chauffer drive, being hangover free and having the opportunity to dress up (fancy dress was

Fun in the Duchess Woods

Dunbartonshire X Country Relays Some  inter lamp posts ‘sprints’ during the last fortnight, together with some’ hip mobility’ high kicks whilst waiting for the kettle to boil at work, are not ideal preparation for the rigours of cross country racing; indeed the second high kick episode  resulted in a strained  bum muscle that had me

Hot — ‘n Totty

An account of the Strathcarron Games If I were writing this account from the perspective of the men in our group, namely the Silver Fox of Badenoch, the venerable Fleming of Loch Carron and clubless southsider Mr.Williamson, then the high points would no doubt include the skimpy fashions on display at the Friday night ceilidh

Not so Mundane Monday

 Monday after work I set off a bit reluctantly on a mundane Monday training run; it turned out to be my best run so far this year. As I jogged up the Kilpatricks’ escarpment, a lingering, blood organge sunset flooded the Firth of Clyde touching the Arrochar summits which glowed soft pink. On reaching the Humphrey plateau

Pain Venue

6th October 2012 Too much work, wine and whinging in recent weeks and not enough Westies , Walshes and will power resulted in the pain and suffering which was for me, the Ben Venue Challenge on Saturday. Deciding to run was yet another last minute impulse prompted by a characteristically positive series of emails from


They say that writing is cathartic for the distressed, so here goes! I got a first at the Glenshee 9 on Sunday! No, not first wrinkly or crinkly place, but a first time ever to be timed out of a race! It was certainly an event to sort out the sheep from the goats and