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Comrie Relay 2015

Four teams of Westies enjoyed a day out in the Comrie Hills on Sunday. The Comrie Relay is run over four legs, three trail legs and one hill leg run in pairs, along the spine of Glen Lednock. This makes for easy access between the changeover points, and plenty of cheering on and opportunities for

Lorne Highland Games 2015

Enough has, I think, already been said and written about the Arrochar Alps Hill Race on Saturday, so you will excuse me if I jump ahead to Sunday, which saw me venture North to Oban and enter the little known micro-classic Lorne Highland Games Hill Race. First run in 2012, no Westie is yet known

A Windy Day on the Trotternish Ridge

I headed up to Skye last weekend for the third installment of the ridiculously scenic Trotternish Ridge run. The race is establishing a tradition of alternating extreme conditions. Weather the first year was so bad that only half the starting field made it to the finish. Last year was run in cloudless skies. This year

Dumgoyne Handicap 2015

The winner of the 2015 Dumgoyne Handicap, and recipient of the Simon Triger Memorial Trophy, is Gordon Bulloch. In a reversal of their Goatfell placings, Robert Simpson finished second, just ahead of Gregor Stewart. Gregor’s run time of 38.41 appears to be a new course record, lowering the time of 39.08 set by Alastair Graves

The Speyside Way-Hey

Every year, the club organises a long-distance relay, known as an Extravaganza, which is organised by an ad-hoc Extravaganza Eating, Drinking and Planning Committee (EEDPC).  This year, after months of meticulous eating and drinking, the EEDPC knocked together a hastily conceived proposal to run the Speyside Way – an established trail connecting Buckport to Aviemore

A chilly mid week Kilpatricks run

It was a smaller than usual turnout assembled for the mid-week run from the Old Kilpatricks gas works last night. No doubt the date clashed with some emergency xmas sitting-by-the-fire duties, or perhaps the Nebit race (looking forward to the report, guys!). I guess it could also have been the weather, which might charitably be described

Culcreuch Castle to Stronend

An intrepid party of six (arguably seven, or maybe five) Westies enjoyed an atmospheric mid-week outing in the hills above Culcreuch Castle. Ian T. led us on the new route in a manner suggesting he had some idea where we were going. After a brief exploration of some of the boggier areas on the top

Loch Ossian 2014

The annual club pilgramige to Loch Ossian went ahead in fine style this year. Don’t believe those forecasts – apart from a bit of wind and some occasional rain, we were once again blessed with some very pleasant Autumn weather. I get to enjoy the company of Dave, Steffen and Vicky on the drive up to

Westies Mhor 84 Duathlon

My oh my don’t Westies just love pies. I mean we just *love* ’em. When Paula flopped those beauties out there were eyes-a-poppin’ and jaws-a-droppin’ all around the table. Whatever it was we had done to deserve ’em, we’d happily do it all over again just to get ourselves some of them there pies. Don was first to

Midweek Meikle Bin Meander

All the elements fell in place: an untracked route through the wilder side of the Campsies, a break in the rain, and a generous turnout of keen Westies. I counted 17 or so starters, and more or less the same number again at the finish! Ian’s popular route took us along forestry path, up an