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Round Arran Relay

The Round Arran Relay is a six-stage road run around Arran. The race starts in Blackwaterfoot, on the far side of the island, and is divided into North and South sections.  So, it’s really two separate races that happen to start at the same time. The two first-stage members from each team stand back-to-back on

Lairig Ghru

In 1684 (or thereabouts), the entire Westies club was almost wiped out in an ill-fated social run across the Lairig Ghru. Or so the story goes. Ask Muffy, she knows. My own experience was less dramatic, but it doesn’t take much to imagine what a sudden change in the weather can do. As one of

The Real Rob Roy Way Relay

The club ran the Real Rob Roy Way as a relay on Saturday 20 April. The route started in Killin, wound along Glen Dochart, crossed to Balquhidder, followed Loch Voil and the River Larig, climbed around to Glen Gyne, then Stronachlchar, through the Loch Ard Forest past Loch Chon, crossing under Ben Lomond to Rowardennan,

Carnethy Revisited

Photos (Sandy Wallace) Photos (Carnethy 5 General)Results Ok, maybe I was a bit hard on Carnethy last year. Any event that brings together thirty-odd Westies can’t be all bad. The spring temperatures probably helped this time around, and the lifting cloud and windless conditions gave promise to a fine day out. It’s always nice to catch up

Feel The Burns

Results Snow!  Snow, snowy snow!  I just love to run in the snow.  Lovely, crisp white snow.  There was plenty of it about in the hills around the wee borders town of Selkirk on the weekend.  Not so deep that the fit and keen couldn’t run most of the course.  Not too icy either.  Some

Milngavie Social Event

I assume the Milngavie Social Event last week took place.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend, being on the other side of the world at the time. Let’s say about a dozen people turned up, two or three got lost, and all predictions were, amazingly, correct within 5 percent. No doubt a wonderful time was

By the light of the silvery moon

It was one of those occasions that come along so rarely that they cannot help but be special.  Start with a classic run up Dumgoyne to Earl’s Seat and back, add in a terrestrial and celestial alignment of crisp, clear weather and a moon as near full as to be perfect, and you have yourself

HBT Grudge Match 2012

HBT proved once again willing to accept our challenge to a Grudge Match, this time to the top of Ben Ledi and back.  Following a stringent selection process (“Breathing?  Yep, you’re in”), fifteen yellow vests containing the finest Westies the club could muster lined up on the start against ten bedraggled and defeated looking HBT

Two Breweries

Saturday opened with sunny skies, with just a touch of late morning mist over what threatened to be a long hot day. As it turned out, there was enough scattered cloud about and sufficient autumn chill in the air to make for rather pleasant running conditions. A list of the usual suspects turned up at

Simon Wake Comrie Relay

The Westies once again entered a team in the Simon Wake Comrie relay, which winds up and down the hills around Glen Lednock. Our hopes of entering a team consisting exclusively of John’s was scuppered when it transpired that neither Sarah nor Gregor answer to “John”, and in any event the organisers had not provided