After agreeing to have a ‘wee’ training run up Ben Lomond on Sunday, Chris persuaded me to do a couple of hills in the Arrochar hills instead. Well, bang go my chances of winning the Club Handicap on Wednesday night! No, I’m not injured thankfully, just VERY stiff!

Anyway, we started from the main car park in Arrochar and headed up The Cobbler. From there we took in Beinn Ime and Beinn Chorranach before a tough climb up Ben Vane. In fact the descent was tougher as my legs were beginning to tire. We finished with a two mile trot round A ‘Chrois back to the car.

Chris guessed about 10.5 miles/6200ft and the Anquet maps said 19km/2154m. Interestingly the estimated time was 7hrs 25mins!

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