A small but quality field turned out for last night’s annual Croftamie Handicap, slightly later in the year than normal due to holiday commitments which meant the light was failing rapidly by the end of the 7.8 mile (12.5km) course.

9 runners started the race, and all but one finished successfully. New recruit Dom managed to uphold the fine Westies tradition of going wildly off route but seemed to enjoy his extended run despite having to be rescued by Drew and Margaret. The racing snake David Riach lived up to his name by lurking at the back and then slithering his way through the field to steal the handicap win overhauling both Fiona and Helen in the final metres. I was next home, having passed Ellie in the final straight, with Matt and JD finishing very soon after.

The timings appeared to be a bit of a mystery, but by my estimations David clocked 46:18 and I was just over a minute behind in 47:27. Ellie must have been next fastest, followed by JD, Matt or Helen and Fiona.

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