The early rain cleared over Glasgow, leaving a posse of eager park-running (5k dash) types straining to dash round the residential streets of Scotstoun and Jordanhill in the 75th incarnation – round a new course – of the classic McAndrew relays. The new Scotstoun stadium is impressive, with a display of Vicky Park and other Scottish track memorabilia…but poor signage to the changing facilities for the race.

Westies’ super-combo team – it’s not so long ago we used to field 4 or more teams for this race, now we managed a Fab Foursome of varying age and gender. I was assigned the first leg – well, someone’s got to do it – JQ reasoning that Cat needed to get back to maternal chores, and Dave Snake having not yet slithered into view. My lung-bursting shuffle, second from the back of the field, was encouraged by the sight of two foxes in a Jordanhill front garden. I had time to muse that Jordan indeed has Hills – at least 3 long climbs. Over to Cat, who gained us two places with a grand second leg; then Dave Snake showed his super-vet status was still super as he recorded our fastest leg. JQ brought the team home in just over one and a half hours. You may search the results in vain for our collective time – somehow we just weren’t your usual run of “male vets” – nor indeed female ones! – but all our individual times were recorded (thanks Des!).

It’s worth recording that Chris Upson, in new red plumage, recorded a decent time of 19m19 for the 3.25 mile final lap. Another ex-Westy had a less happy 4th leg…I regret to report that Marc McColl, resplendent in Shetts vest emblazoned with number 1 and some weird shorts (weirder than mine, aye) with a reflective yellow band, was overhauled in the first mile and (let’s be frank) gubbed by some Corstorphine whizz-kid.

Westy, semi-Westy, and definitely ex-Westy (sorry Marc) times:

Grim (leg 1) 26m31 ; Cat (leg 2) 22m01 ; Dave Snake* (leg 3) 19m46 ; John “Mighty” Quinn (leg 4) 21m47.

Chris Upson (WrongHill Cambuslang, team 2 leg 4) 19m19

Marc McColl (Shetts A senior men, leg 4) 18m30

* for “snake” read Riach, if confused by this Report!



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