Poet Laureate

” A field to far” was coined down Kilmarnock way,
An interesting addition to our XC day,
It was a boggy zig-zag,marsh of unusual camber,
Which slowed our progress to a slow motion meander

Yes, we all agreed it got the lungs going,
The heart, arms, legs a pumping, cold air blowing
And those younger Westies relatively so, were fast,
Skimming like flat stones,over the mud and grass

This title ” a field to far” was coined by Mr. Calder,
For he, like us old Yins also did falter,
This field, a new temporary addition, to make up the required distance,
Was a swampy,sludge that gave such resistance

The National XC beckons, down Cumbernauld Way,
Mr Quinn, Calder Thurlbeck,McCaffrey will be present that day,
The course map, I believe will when revealed,
Have no quirky detours, and thankfully no additional field!
Long live the Westies CCC

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