I have belatedly realised that I do not have a recent entry for the race report of the year prize at tomorrow’s Christmas dinner. So in a vain attempt to curry favour with the judges, I’ve written a race report for tomorrows XC race. Please fill in the blacks as you see fit depending on how the race tomorrow pans out.

Balloch is the classic XC venue, it’s been the scene of many fine Westies victories in years gone by but also been the course that has broken some of the toughest runners our small to medium sized hill running club from the west end of Glasgow has seen. This year was a year for the westies (to fail/succeed).

First off was the women’s race. It was a very (animated/aggressive) start by the westies women which saw them (take a commanding lead/fall off the pace). After the first lap the mud was getting (deeper/wetter) which seemed to (suit/hinder) the westies women. It was (great/heart-breaking) to see them finish so (strongly/sluggishly).

After the (excitement/bitter disappointment) of the women’s race, it was difficult to get warmed up and ready to race. The pace off the start was (extremely/diabolically) fast. It was clear that the westies men were going to (suffer/languish). After all the races that had gone before the mud was (deep and sticky/sticky and deep) and this mostly seemed to (hinder/encourage) the westies men. Into the 2nd lap and several of the men had (got themselves into race winning positions/fallen embarrassingly off the pace). The finish was (extraordinary/ inconsequential)! With the westies men (winning/embarrassing the club). Thankfully, we have the Christmas party to get to and (celebrate/drown our sorrows).

(Bring on the nationals / I’m dreading the nationals)


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