Tinto 2015


The lull between Britain’s first named storm Abigail (that never materialised) and Britain’s second named storm Barney allowed for the mad sprint that is Tinto. 12 Westies braved the first properly chilly day this winter.

I arrived early to ensure a prime parking spot. An important factor for a cold day! Owen was supplying some suspicious Jelly Belly sweets and dousing his buff with menthol.

The race starts with everyone assembling on the tourist path from the car-park and with no countdown we were off. The race started at a reasonable pace as Joe Symonds wanted to jog from the start and no one dared to overtake. After a kilometre of a gradual ascent the hill began and was unrelenting to the summit, with a long skirt around the cairn it was a mad quick sprint back to the start avoiding the oncoming runners and a hurdle of the fence for good measure.

Gregor, Owen and Alan arrived in quick succession, meaning that four Westies were in the first 11. We all headed back for a well deserved soup in the hope of a team prize (only individual prizes). Alan picked up 2nd M40. It was a lovely way to start the weekend even if it meant venturing into Carnethy territory..  


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