While most people we’re screaming at the TV watching GB take gold in London while heartbroken at Bolt having to pull up injured in his last ever race a MUCH more import race was taking place in Strathpeffer. A hill runners select team featuring Ross Gollan, James Espie, Myself and some French guy who seemed keen were taking on a crew of mercenary sprinters in a classic good versus evil battle. After about 30 s of baton changing practice we figured we were as good as we were ever going to be and got lined up at the start. The crowd held their breath in anticipation of the starter’s clappy thing, while a few drunken Shettleston runners shouted helpful advice to the hill runners select team. I was given the honour of the first leg, when the clappy thing went I sprinted as fast as I could but it was clear that the sprinter was faster than me. I gritted my teeth, and managed to hand the baton over to some French guy only a few seconds down on the lead. Some French guy ran a perfect second leg but and kept us in the race. A perfect baton change to James Espie helped us claw back some of the deficit, and James gave it his all to ensure the gap to first stayed below the 10 s mark. Ross took the baton and charged after the sprinters team unfortunately the gap was too big and we finish a strong second. Handshakes all round as we were very proud of our performance, and I’m not afraid to say tears were welling up in my eyes as we were handed our £2 prize money.


There was also a hill race… westies did well. Stand out performances from Val (1st V50, 4th overall), Gordon (2nd V60) and Jenn (Stormed pass Brian Brennan on the road to the finish)

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